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Accelerate deals, manage side letters and effectively meet obligations with Robin AI's contract copilot

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Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
with market-leading Legal AI designed for the asset management industry.

Robin AI's contract copilot ensures that you never miss an opportunity or a deadline. Empowering teams across your firm from Legal to Investor Relations.

  • Fast review and negotiation of NDAs and other routine documents
  • Single source of truth for side letters and contracts
  • Find answers to previously completed DDQs
  • Instantly compare clauses and versions of documents
  • AI-powered search to find obligations and terms in seconds
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Improve investor experience

Turnaround routine documents like due diligence questionnaires in record time with AI-powered search to retrieve previous answers.

Meet regulatory requirements

Understand and manage your contract obligations. Compare clauses and variations. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

85% faster NDA turnaround

Never miss an opportunity again. Legal teams can fly through NDA review with custom, AI-powered playbooks.

Outpace competitors

Maximise your competitive advantage by harnessing the power of AI for legal through Robin AI's software and managed services.

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Secure and responsible Legal AI

Focus on the strategic work you do best

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The future of contracts

Real-time contract editing using LLMs that delivers accurate, fast review. Find information buried in your side letters and contracts with AI-powered search.

500,000+ Contracts processed

100,000,000Clauses used to train AI

85%Faster Contract Review

"The Robin AI team were very hands on, with speedy response times and proactive relationship management."

Amy Wang, Head of Private Credit and Founding Member, Blue Earth Capital


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