Company Update

A Year of Triumphs: Robin AI's Journey through 2023

In 2023, Robin AI soared to new heights with early partnerships, a $10 million funding round, and groundbreaking product launches, including the Contract Copilot and Obligations Management features. The company gained global recognition, listed in the Times 100 'Ones to Watch,' and received acknowledgment from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. CEO Richard participated in legal AI panels, and a new Microsoft Word Add-In was showcased. The year concluded with office relocation, signaling continued growth and success for Robin AI in the legal tech industry.

Company Update

A Year of Triumphs: Robin AI's Journey through 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, let's take a chronological journey through the pivotal moments that defined Robin AI's remarkable year. From early partnerships to global recognitions, each month brought new milestones and achievements, underscoring the company's commitment to reshaping the legal tech landscape.

January: Early Partnership with Anthropic.

Robin AI started the year strong by becoming an early launch partner of Anthropic, setting the stage for an exploration into the frontiers of artificial intelligence.

February: Successful Funding Round.

In February, Robin AI secured an impressive $10 million in funding, signaling strong support and confidence in the company's vision and capabilities.

March: Contract Copilot Takes Flight.

March witnessed the launch of the Contract Copilot, a groundbreaking addition to Robin AI's suite of tools, promising to redefine contract management and streamline legal processes.

May: Customer Adoption of Clause and Version Comparisons.

In May, customers began actively utilising the clause and version comparison features of contracts, providing practical solutions for legal professionals.

June: Global Recognition at UK Government LawTech Delegation.

Robin AI's influence extended globally in June as the company joined the UK government LawTech delegation to Singapore, reaffirming its commitment to international prominence.

July: Times 100 'Ones to Watch' Listing.

July brought prestige as Robin AI was listed in the Times 100 'Ones to Watch,' highlighting its potential as a game-changer in the legal tech industry.

August: Obligations Management Feature Unveiled.

In August, Robin AI rolled out the Obligations Management feature, addressing a crucial aspect of legal processes and offering users enhanced control over their obligations.

September: Release of GRV Report Research.

September marked the release of the GRV Report Research, showcasing Robin AI's dedication to advancing legal research and insights.

October: Launch of Free Word Add-In, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's Acknowledgment.

October was a month of innovation and national recognition. Robin AI launched the Free Word Add-In, making legal workflows even more seamless. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak publicly acknowledged Robin AI, solidifying its status in the UK's legal tech landscape.

November: CEO Richard Joins Legal AI Panelists, Microsoft Word Add-In Showcased.

In November, CEO Richard joined a panel discussion, sharing insights on the power of legal AI. The company also showcased a new add-in for Microsoft Word at Legal Innovators, reinforcing its commitment to cutting-edge technology.

December: Office Relocation Signals Growth.

As the year concluded, Robin AI's growth was further emphasised by the decision to relocate offices in December, setting the stage for a dynamic and successful 2024.

The chronological journey through Robin AI's 2023 highlights a year filled with strategic partnerships, funding success, product launches, global recognitions, and national acknowledgments. Each month's achievement contributes to the company's narrative of innovation and excellence in the legal tech industry, setting the stage for a promising future.

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