Case Study

Convex Insurance enhances efficiency and frees up time in the legal team with Robin AI

Convex Insurance has partnered with Robin AI to boost efficiency, to reduce spend on external counsel and to meet the wider company objectives of harnessing data and AI to improve processes and outcomes.

Case Study

Convex Insurance enhances efficiency and frees up time in the legal team with Robin AI


Convex Insurance do things differently. They’re a global company that combine the most experienced people in the insurance market with technology and AI to enable better operations, better decisions and ultimately a better client experience. “It’s in the DNA of the business to harness data and AI to drive efficiency and quality results,” says Robert Mackenzie, Assistant General Counsel at Convex.

As such, it was a logical step for the tech-forward legal team atConvex to harness the power of legal AI to enhance efficiency and to free uptime in the team. Convex has realized three key benefits through their partnership with Robin AI:


·     Better alignment with the overall company strategy to deploy AIand technology to improve business operations and client outcomes.

·     Greater efficiency in the legal team and freeing up time to focuson strategic and more complex legal work.

·     Created more simplicity in approaches and reduced cost on externalcounsel for routine commercial contracts review and analysis.


Finding the right business partner for Convex

Robert commented, “there are a lot of companies that offer AI and these types of services. Similar systems that we had looked at were disappointing. What they don’t do, is deliver on what they promise. Robin AI delivered.” 

The legal team at Convex were looking for an AI-driven contract review solution that was bespoke and curated to the requirements and positions in their legal team. Robin AI’s playbooks provided a route for the legal team at Convex to have a more tailored approached that suited their needs during contract analysis and review.

Robert notes, “the playbook structure required an investment of our time to ensure that contracts were analysed in the way that we wanted at Convex. The legal team at Robin AI were supportive in a genuine way throughout this process. It was a very worthwhile investment of our time as now the process is fast and efficient. It has also meant that ramping up with Robin AI is simple, as we don’t have to worry about resource allocation in a way that we would have to if we were working with a law firm.”

By codifying the unique positions and requirements of the Convex legal team into playbooks, the team benefits from powerful legal AI that meets the requirements of the team consistently, and enables fast turnaround of commercial contracts.


Working with Robin AI  

Convex insurance use Robin AI to accelerate review of NDAs and other commercial contracts, significantly reducing the time the legal team spend on routine review.

Robin AI has had dramatic results for our team. We can turnaround an NDA with 10 minutes of our time when it used to take an hour before. By turning around NDAs quickly, we can share information faster and reduce delays. It ensures that the legal team aren’t causing blockers. That benefits the company as a whole and improves how we are perceived by our customers.”

The adoption of Robin AI in the legal team at Convex Insurance fit perfectly with the wider business strategy to be tech-forward, data-driven, and innovative. Robert Mackenzie commented, “Robin AI has added to our roster of tools that we have at our disposal. It’s like having another person in the room that consistently does a good job and is cost effective to the business.”

Robert also notes that Robin AI’s team have been a delight to work with, “Your team’s enthusiasm is the same as mine – I feel like we’re on this journey together. Everyone is very pleasant and enthusiastic.” Robert, who has worked in leading global technology companies and insurers commented, “the legal industry has been highly anticipating a product with this type of sophisticated AI functionality for the last 5-10 years. And we’ve finally got there.”

Convex Insurance has led the way in the insurance industry with their fresh, innovative approach and data-driven mindset. By using Robin AI to enhance efficiencies, the legal team at Convex were able to harness legal AI to deliver repeatable, predictable results. This delivered cost savings for the business and more time for their experienced legal team to focus on strategic tasks.

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