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Remove Repetitive, Routine Tasks to Unlock Time for High-Value Activities

In-house corporate legal departments can leverage AI to ease the legal burden, remove repetitive, routine tasks and spend more time on high-value work.

Industry Insights

Remove Repetitive, Routine Tasks to Unlock Time for High-Value Activities

One of the biggest blockers facing in-house corporate legal departments today is undoubtedly the routine, time-consuming, manual legal work that can often slow them to a crawl, when the fast-paced nature of their work requires more of a sprint.

Whether it’s reviewing contracts on third party paper, going through lengthy approvals processes from person to person/team to team via email or spending hours trying to locate important data buried in contracts, this work creates inefficiencies and ends up damaging the reputation of corporate legal departments.

Leverage AI to ease the legal burden

To ease their workload and achieve greater efficiency, corporate legal teams need to find a way of leveraging AI to assist with this type of work and eliminate these bottlenecks. This will enable them to pour their focus into the high-value strategic work that really makes a difference, rather than be continuously held up on lower-value, repetitive tasks that eat up their valuable time.

If you are not sure where to start, read our white paper on generative AI in the legal industry. The paper includes real-world examples and insights on how legal teams are already leveraging generative AI.

Featured resource: Generative AI in legal - obstacles and opportunities

Robin AI's free white paper can help you implement best practices for integrating AI into your legal team.

Robin AI’s modular platform is purposely designed for the legal use case and possesses significant capabilities that enable in-house legal teams to fly through their contracts.

Simple contract creation

In Draft, users can create contracts in minutes from pre-approved templates. This removes the manual, time-consuming part of the drafting process, but still affords corporate legal teams the control and oversight they require through built-in approval workflows.

Fast contract review

Review helps to cut down negotiation times by up to 80%, with automated editing to minimise redline and automatic tracked changes so issues don’t arise from different versions being passed around during approvals. Equally, our in-house legal team closely collaborates with corporate legal teams to establish a bespoke playbook of preferred language and fallback positions, enabling greater consistency and reduced turnaround during negotiations.

Powerful AI search

Query stores all of an organisation’s signed contracts inside a powerful, searchable contract repository. It provides users with a single source of truth, enabling anyone within an organisation to locate critical data buried in contracts with just a few clicks, saving corporate legal teams potentially hundreds of hours of manual work.

Fly through contracts with AI Copilot

All of our modules are supported by our contract copilot and dedicated AI assistant Robin, who can perform a number of helpful, time-saving tasks to further expedite the day-to-day work of corporate legal teams.

Tasks Robin can help with:

  • Explaining, summarising, translating clauses and contracts
  • Drafting email explainers, memos and reports
  • Suggesting edits based on bespoke playbook positions
  • Answering natural language questions to find information buried in contracts
  • Enabling fast comparison of clauses
  • Finding obligations and setting reminders

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