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About us

We believe in a world where law moves at the speed of business. By combining the power of AI, data and deep legal expertise we're building the leading AI-native products for the legal sector.

Robin AI's contract copilot is used by hundreds of businesses globally to accelerate contracts and enable legal teams to focus time more strategically. Our client base spans in-house legal teams, leaders in private markets and law firms.

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AWS / Anthropic

Our early partnership with Anthropic and AWS enables us to deliver safe and intuitive solutions for our global clients.  

Massive Contract Data Sets

We've worked with thousands of contracts and millions of clauses to refine our approaches to deliver over 80% faster contract review.

Proprietary Technology

By combining proprietary machine learning models, large language models and deep legal expertise, we're able to deliver the highest levels of quality and accuracy for our clients.

World Class Team

With a team of experienced legal professionals, legal engineers and AI research specialists, we understand the intersection of law and AI and how to unlock transformative approaches for legal teams.

Hundreds of global businesses are harnessing the power of generative AI for legal.

New applications of LLMs for legal

AI Powered Search

Enabling businesses to harness the power of AI to find information, clauses and obligations buried across their secure contract repositories in seconds. Natural language querying provides an intuitive and simple experience for all users.

Real-time contract editing using AI

AI suggested edits help lawyers to move through contract review in record time. Optimised for accuracy and fast turnaround of routine contracts, our AI contract copilot edits contracts like a lawyer would, including minimising red line.

AI copilot that understands lengthy contracts

Chat with Robin, our AI contract copilot to get answers to questions about your contracts in seconds, and to find the right information quickly. Robin can read 150+ page contracts and will provide references to the contract when answering questions.

Leadership team

Richard Robinson

CEO / Co-founder

Richard is a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur. He worked for a number of years at leading law firms including Clifford Chance and Boies, Schiller & Flexner before founding Robin AI in 2019. As CEO, Richard oversees all areas of strategy and operations, whilst working closely with customers to ensure Robin AI delivers value through its cutting-edge, user-focused products. Through his vision and leadership, Robin AI has grown to over 100 employees, with revenues increased by 4x.

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James Clough sitting on a sofa

James Clough

Cto / co-founder

Dr James Clough is an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He was previously a machine learning research scientist at Imperial College and King’s College London before co-founding Robin AI in 2019. Motivated by his passion for technology and a desire to help law firms operate more efficiently, James has scaled the product and engineering teams at Robin AI and has been instrumental in developing new applications for machine learning and large language models in the legal sector. As CTO, James manages a growing team of machine learning and AI experts, software developers and prompt engineers to deliver an intuitive experience to Robin AI’s customers.

Michael Robinson


Michael Robinson


Michael Robinson


Michael Robinson


Michael Robinson



Robin AI been featured in leading publications around the world from the Financial Times to Forbes.

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Contact information

Nick Wilkins
Head of Communications

PR inquiries: press@robinai.com

General information: contact@robinai.com

Robin AI Appoints Scott Casey as CFO

Robin AI, the AI-powered legal copilot, today announces the appointment of Scott Casey as Chief Financial Officer. The strategic hiring follows the recent completion of a $26 million Series B funding round, positioning Robin AI to lead the fast growing legal AI sector.

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Press Release: Robin AI Brings Power of Claude 3 to Customers

Robin AI, the legal AI copilot, today announced that it has started integrating Anthropic’s latest LLM model - Claude 3 - into its contract copilot, bringing customers the fastest model in its intelligence class. Anthropic unveiled the Claude 3 family of models last week.

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Robin AI Contract Copilot Now Checks Defined Terms in Seconds

Robin AI bolsters the power of the AI contract copilot with the addition of a feature that checks defined terms in a contract, saving lawyers time and manual work whilst improving accuracy and consistency during the contract review process.

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Press Release: Robin AI Raises $26 million as Legal Sector Embraces AI

Robin AI Raises $26 million as Legal Sector Embraces AI. Anthropic launch partner sees 5x revenue growth with Fortune 500 customers including Pepsico and Yum! Brands. Investment will be used to accelerate US expansion, launch in Asia Pacific and hire more AI engineers.

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CEO of Robin AI, Richard Robinson delivers showcase at Legal Innovators 4.0

Huge attendance from lawyers and legaltech enthusiasts for Richard's product showcase demonstrating the AI copilot's capabilities.

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Press Release: Robin AI Plugs AI Contract Copilot Directly into Microsoft Word

New Add-In for MS Word, powered by Anthropic's LLM and proprietary models, saves time and money for lawyers.

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UK Prime Minister's AI speech highlights Robin AI as leader in legal AI

Ahead of the AI Safety Summit in October, Rishi Sunak spoke about start ups like Robin AI "revolutionising the legal profession."

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Robin AI launches Natural Language Querying

The launch of AI-powered search enables lawyers to find information and clauses buried across their repository of contracts in seconds.

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