Legal AI for Contracts

Robin AI empowers businesses and legal teams to fly through their contracts with advanced Legal AI tools for fast review and powerful searches.
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We’re making contracts simple for legal teams

Businesses around the world are supercharging their legal teams with Robin AI.

Combining LLMs, proprietary machine learning models and Legal & Product experts

Contract review transformed for businesses around the world
Risks mitigated in important processes like obligations management
Scaleable solutions created for stretched legal departments
Enterprise security including SSO and contract grouping
Intuitive approach that integrates Legal AI directly into Microsoft Word
Clauses used To train ai
contracts processed
faster contract review

Leverage Legal AI to make contracts simple

AI-native products that help legal professionals to accelerate contract review and analysis, saving businesses time and cost.
Blue Earth Capital
“The Robin AI team were very hands on, with speedy response times and proactive relationship management, which really stood out from other providers.”
Amy Wang
Founding Partner & Managing Director
Blue Earth Capital
Blue Earth Capital
"Robin AI’s combination of cutting-edge AI and expert legal professionals has generated significant efficiencies for us."
Lauren Glazebrook
Principal and Head of Business Development
American Pacific Group
Blue Earth Capital
“This technology is game-changing for senior lawyers. You can take a process that used to take a couple of days and get it done in 10 minutes instead.”
Paul Loynes
Former European GC, Senior Advisor & Consultant
Large Private Equity Firm

Why us?

Our vision is a world where law moves at the speed of business.

We’ve partnered with Anthropic & AWS to build reliable, secure AI products for legal professionals. Legal AI that adds value to your team and processes on Day 1.

Anthropic launch partners
Best-in-class security
24/7 Global coverage
Team of AI & legal experts
Trained on millions of clauses
White glove implementation

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