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Turnaround your contracts in less than 24 hours

Manage your routine contracts efficiently and effectively

Services provided by Robin AI can be tailored to your requirements. The team at Robin AI are happy to provide guidance on specific types of documents and can carry out the first mark-up of documents, or the full negotiation depending on your business requirements.
Tailored Services
Flexible Support
Responsive and Proactive
Consistent Quality
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Creating playbooks for a consistently top tier experience

Robin AI’s Service is managed by expert legal professionals equipped with Robin AI’s technology designed to accelerate contract review and enhance consistency in teams.
Expert Management
Customized Onboarding
Lawyer Oversight
Quality Assurance

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Working with Robin AI

The best of both worlds: the latest in machine-learning and AI technology combined with dedicated Legal & Product specialists enables our customers to experience a fast, simple and white glove onboarding experience.
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Case studies

Robin AI has delivered high quality work for businesses all over the globe with extremely fast turnaround times that enable a competitive advantage.

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Global Investment Firm $30bn - $40bn AUM

Contracted 5 hour TAT
2.1hrs - Business hours
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Big 4 Accounting Firm North America

Contracted 6 hour TAT
1.3 hours - business hours
Money notes icon

Private Equity Firm $10bn AUM

Contracted 24 hour TAT
9.2 hours - business hours
real state icon

Real Estate Fund $9bn AUM

Contracted 24 hour TAT
8.2 hours - business hours

Contract editing services that save time and cost for busy legal departments

Scale up contracts worry-free with Robin AI. Quick turnaround ensures efficient workflow balance, freeing time for strategic tasks. Robin AI handles diverse agreements: NDAs, MSAs, Vendor Agreements, etc. Contact us for custom reviews.
Scalable contracts
Quick turnaround
Diverse agreements
Customizable reviews
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Full negotiation services available that free up your time

Flexible service options from Robin AI. Experienced team offers responsive support. Customers access usage insights via dashboards for visibility.
Flexible options
Experienced support
Usage insights
Visibility & consistency

Trialling Robin AI’s Services

1-month trial ensures confidence in quality and turnaround. Minimal disruption. Aligned playbooks for faster contract reviews. Experienced team ensures accuracy and flags unusual terms.
Trial period
Minimal disruption
Aligned playbooks
Expert accuracy
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Focus on the strategic work you do best

Let Robin AI handle the rest