How Robin AI is Changing the Contract Review Process

How Robin AI is Changing the Contract Review Process


The contract review process can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when lawyers are doing side-by-side comparisons of contracts at each round of review.

This is where Robin AI comes in.

With the Review module and new Compare Versions feature, Robin AI is changing the way lawyers review contracts by making it quick and easy to compare versions, and view any amendments or additions made.

Background on Review

Robin AI’s software is unique. It solves a challenge that has long existed in the legal space: how do you use technology to review contracts from your counterparty?

Managing third party paper has been a challenge for some of the legacy legaltech players in the contract space. This is because their software isn’t AI native and doesn’t leverage the latest technology to deliver the best results during the contract review process.

At Robin AI, we’re combining proprietary machine learning software and LLMs to change the way that contract review processes take place. We’re able to do what was previously thought impossible: we can actually review the contracts that have been sent to you by counterparties.

By leveraging AI-driven playbooks that will suggest edits for your contract in line with your company positions, and by making it easy to compare version of contracts, or even specific clauses that you’ve used in the past, we’ll help you to fly through your contract review process.

I already have an account with Robin AI, how do I use this?

Once you’ve logged in to your account, head over to the Review module and select any contract. If you click on “See History” you’ll be able to compare any two versions of the contract. You can compare the original version of the contract against the most recent version that has been sent to you, or you could compare version 3 against version 4 if you’d like.

We make it easy for you to manage version control and version history, with complete information about who was the last person to edit a given contract and clearly showing you in redline any changes or additions that were made to agreements.

With this new feature, you won’t get caught out in the contract review process, and you’ll be able to manage your workload much more effectively when you don’t have to trawl through contracts to do a side-by-side comparison.

I don’t have account with Robin AI, what should I do?

Firstly, anyone can use Robin AI’s Review module for free by creating an account. We recommend that you speak to our team first to understand more about how Robin AI’s software might help your team fly through their contract processes. The paid version of the Review module enables you to work hand-in-hand with our legal team to create dedicated playbooks based on your company’s positions and provisions. Combining the power of AI and expert lawyers, we can help to reduce the time spent on contract reviews by over 80%. In our view, freeing up time for strategic work by removing the repetitive, manual and time-consuming tasks are key.

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