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Enabling legal professionals to boost productivity and enhance accuracy
Creating intuitive experiences to harness legal AI in day-to-day work
Delivering a new way of working that helps businesses drive a competitive advantage
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Harness the power of Legal AI in your day-to-day workflow. Work seamlessly from within Microsoft Word with Robin AI’s add-in.
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Faster contract review with AI-suggested edits, defined terms checked and contract questions answered in seconds.
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Enable your legal team to accelerate contract review without compromising on quality, accuracy or consistency.
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Maximize your competitive advantage with cutting-edge Legal AI to get deals done quickly and smoothly.

Word, with Legal AI superpowers included

Fly through your contracts with Robin.


Get your contract questions answered in seconds.
Seek help with drafting, rewording, risk highlighting, and more.
Use natural language to ask questions about your contracts.
Get citations for specific contract clauses and terms in answers.
Simple copy-paste button to share information.
Robin AI chat section
Playbook UI section from Robin AI App


AI-suggested edits that minimize redline.
Appropriate playbooks suggested based on contract type.
Accept, edit or dismiss AI-suggested edits in a click.
See instructions and get guided quickly to relevant contract sections.
Free version offers best practice playbook for routine contracts.


Simple tools to enhance accuracy in contract review and analysis.
Get AI-suggested edits to correct the defined terms.
Intuitive experience to guide you through the contract.
Defined terms check reviewed and completed in minutes.
Ensure accurate party details added to your contracts.
Actions section from the Robin AI App

Once the add-in is installed, you’ll notice that there are 3 main tabs in Robin AI Review, these are


Get your contract questions answered in seconds.
Use natural language to ask Robin AI for contract review.
Handles contracts up to approximately 150 pages.
Click chat box to type questions or find clauses.
Copy-paste chat info for sharing.
Seek help with drafting, rewording, risk highlighting, and more.
Tools reference specific contract parts in answers.


AI-suggested edits that minimise redline.
Robin AI suggests appropriate playbooks based on contract type.
Free version offers a generic playbook for routine contracts.
Paid users access custom playbooks aligned with company practices.
Workflow simplifies editing, guiding to relevant clauses for adjustments.
Accept or revert AI suggestions with a click.
Dismiss suggestions if no changes needed.
Playbook minimizes redlines, edits with lawyer-like precision.


Simple tools to enhance accuracy in contract review and analysis.
Simplify contract review with Robin AI.
Check defined terms efficiently.
Easily add party details to contracts.
Generate summary reports for contract analysis.

Install instructions

Start by creating a free Robin AI account and we’ll guide you through the process


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