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Who can use Draft?
How are contract templates created in Draft?
How does Review fit into my current workflow?
How does Review automate contract editing?
Who builds the playbooks?
What type of documents can I use with Review?
How is AI used in Review?
What is Machine Learning?
What is NLP?
Do you use our data to train the model?
Does this mean other Robin AI customers will see our data?
Will I have to organise my contracts myself?
Is there an additional charge for onboarding?
How does the automated reminders feature work?
Who can access my data?
Can I download contract data?
How does Query use Machine Learning?
Is it free to use Robin AI's add-in for Microsoft Word?
Can I create my own playbook?
Can I summarise a contract with Robin AI?
What is the technology that sits behind Robin AI?
How do I find specific clauses, terms or words in my contract?
Are there any limits on Robin AI's free account?
How do I upgrade my account with Robin AI?
Can Robin AI edit my contract directly?
What are the key benefits of using Robin AI?
Are Robin AI's tools only for legal professionals?
What does "human-in-the-loop" mean?
Is there a risk of hallucinations using Robin AI?
I'm blocked from installing add-ins by my company. What should I do?
Does Robin AI's product work on PDFs?
How do I get help for my team on the training and use of Robin AI?
Do I need to verify or check the answers that Robin AI provides?
What is a large language model?
Does Robin AI use the data in my contracts to train models?
Does Robin AI replace the need to get a lawyer?
How do I install Robin AI's add-in for Microsoft Word?
Why did Robin AI build an add-in for Microsoft Word?
How do legal professionals typically leverage Robin AI in their day-to-day work?

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