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No more CLMs: The search for better legal tech

It’s simple. We don’t think CLMs deliver. They take forever to implement, cost a lot of money, and deliver little ROI. Surely there’s a better way?

Legal teams today face immense pressure to move faster and add more value. But how can they do that when they are weighed down by legacy technology?

We unpick this market challenge in our latest free resource:

  • Explore the limitations of legacy CLMs

  • Uncover the next generation technology supporting legal teams

  • Find out how to accelerate your legal team’s impact

Is there better legal tech out there?
CLMs are costly "all-or-nothing" systems, while modular software tackling specific problems delivers rapid ROI.
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AI native and CLM comparison table
CLMs don’t have the advanced AI capabilities that legal teams need in today’s business environment.
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CLMs frequently fall short in delivering meaningful improvements. Now is the time to embrace AI-native tools that can help legal teams unlock new levels of productivity.

This white paper provides the practical guidance you need to identify and implement legal tech that empowers your team.

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