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2023 US General Counsel Report

Discover how GCs from 100 leading businesses are tackling obstacles in their legal departments.
Find out more about about top priorities  and how GCs are approaching tech investments.

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Uncovering approaches to generative AI
Read about the huge potential application of Large Language Models and Generative AI is in the legal industry today.

Investment in emerging legal tech is transformative across a wealth of industries.
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Robin AI's State of Legal Report
Using a CLM in
their legal department
See cumbersome implementation
of CLMs is a key drawback
Have not yet identified an opportunity
to use Large Language Models (LLMs)
See workflow management as the
biggest struggle in their teams
Insights on how peers are thinking about the long term success of the legal department
Research for this report was carried out across 100 General Counsels at leading businesses in industries that ranged from Finance to Healthcare and Construction.

The key finding? Building strategic business relationships by investing in technology that can help improve efficiency was top of the agenda.

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Robin AI’s 2023 U.S. General Counsel Report is your ultimate guide.

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