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Accelerate deal cycles with lightning fast NDA reviews

Find out why many of the worlds top asset managers are switching to Robin AI for their routine contract mark ups.

Global coverage

With specialists in every time zone, our 24/7 operations ensure your contracts receive round-the-clock attention.

Fast turnarounds

Never get held up by a routine contract again. 
Our industry-leading turnaround times give your deal teams the edge.

Consistent output

With a dedicated team fluent in your playbook, positions, and standards, you'll receive the same high-quality, consistent markup on every contract.

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“We’ve been impressed by the rapid turnaround of NDAs, and with Robin AI’s round-the-clock coverage, we can get documents processed quickly, all whilst freeing up our team to focus on deal execution”

Lauren Glazebrook - American Pacific Group

The Review Process

1. Upload

Send us the contract you need reviewed via email.

Our team will upload it into our proprietary system and match it with your customized contract playbook

2. Review

A dedicated legal specialist reviews the contract using your unique playbook of preferred rules, positions, and standards.

We don’t use freelancers or third-party software - your contracts stay completely in-house.

3. Final check & return

A final human review takes place to ensure all edits align with your playbook.

You receive the marked up contract via email, with anything unusual noted in the message.

Focus on the strategic work you do best, let our platform handle the rest