Robin AI launches natural language querying

Robin AI launches natural language querying


Manage complex searches with Robin Copilot

Effortlessly search your contract repository to find critical information with Robin Copilot, your dedicated AI legal assistant.

Built by the combination of Robin AI’s in-house legal and technical experts, our cutting-edge application of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) instantly converts natural language queries into visually distinguishable filters. This allows for a rapid, reliable search through your contract repository, ensuring the information you need is only a click away.

Robin Copilot enables users to ask any question and find the answer in seconds. You don't need any training or expertise to manage complex searches and find key information, just type in your question and let Robin Copilot do the rest.

Robin AI Legal Assistant

  • Find specific precedents, obligations and terms across individual or multiple contracts in seconds.
  • Optimise complex searches across contract repositories with AI assistance.
  • Instantly identify contracts, terms, obligations, etc. across the whole contract repository and assign reminders where applicable to ensure deadlines are met and business risks are mitigated.

This feature accelerates decision-making, mitigates business risks, creates consistency in processes and saves legal teams hundreds of hours at the same time.

Focus on the strategic work you do best

Let Robin AI handle the rest