Legal AI 2024: applications and use cases.

Legal AI 2024: applications and use cases.


Report Legal Industry 2024

The latest free report from the Robin AI team provides information, insight and practical examples for legal teams to consider when exploring the applications of generative AI for their teams. 2023 saw a lot of experimentation, education and learning about Large Language Models (LLMs), with some businesses jumping ahead to start using this tools in areas like contract review and contract querying. 2024 is shaping up to be the year where larger businesses and law firms deploy AI, finding new ways to free up time, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The free report is available here to download.

Findings Report

This report builds on some of the learnings from Robin AI's 2023 report that was released last year which provided a high-level overview for legal teams of key definitions, terms and concepts in generative AI. Now that use cases and applications of legal AI become more established in teams, there is more opportunity to explore different challenges and how they can be impacted by combining LLMs, machine learning, "human-in-the-loop" models and other techniques.

You can find more information on the following topics in this report:

  • Findings from Robin AI's 2023 General Counsel report
  • Information on LLMs and AI tools relevant to the legal sector
  • Use cases for AI solving specific challenges for legal teams
  • A detailed look at 3rd party paper review and contract data querying
  • Example questions to explore when carrying out an assessment in your team
  • How to chart out the next steps for your team

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