Robin AI Releases AI-Driven Contract Editor, Powered by Anthropic Model

Robin AI Releases AI-Driven Contract Editor, Powered by Anthropic Model


This week, we are unleashing the power of large language models (LLMs) in the legal sector by partnering with Anthropic, whose focus on AI safety aligns with our ‘lawyer-in-the-loop’ SaaS product. LLMs like Anthropic’s “Claude” are set to rapidly change the sector and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Robin AI integrates “Claude” in contract platform

Our AI-powered contract platform helps users draft, edit, and store contracts using advanced AI and machine learning models. Now, we've enhanced our platform’s capabilities by integrating “Claude” so that a lawyer can use AI the way they might work with a colleague, by reviewing and checking their work.

We believe the future of AI in the legal industry lies in augmenting human skills, not replacing them. Our ‘lawyer-in-the-loop’ model combines advanced AI with human insight to ensure accuracy. The result? Users of Robin AI’s platform can draft and review their contracts with unmatched ease and confidence.

Read more about our work with large language models, how they are transforming legal work and why human lawyers remain essential partners in the process.

Lowering the barrier to legal services

Cost, complexity and time restraints all create barriers to many people seeking to access legal services. We're lowering, and in some cases removing, these barriers by making our AI-powered contract editor publicly available, for the first time ever. This enables individuals, startups, and beyond to process legal contracts at little to no cost.

There is significant potential for AI to improve legal services, from organising and extracting data from documents to identifying clauses for review and suggesting edits in seconds. However, legal work also demands expert judgement honed over years of training and practice by lawyers. Our ‘lawyer-in-the-loop’ solution combines advanced technology with experienced human professionals to achieve results that work for our customers.

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