Building Safety, Security, and Trust: Robin AI's Collaboration with Anthropic AI

Building Safety, Security, and Trust: Robin AI's Collaboration with Anthropic AI


At Robin AI, we believe in the pillars of safety, security, and trust when it comes to providing innovative solutions for our users. Our recent collaboration with the exceptional team at AnthropicAI, featuring insights from our CEO and Founder, Richard Robinson, is a testament to our commitment to these core values.

A Reliable Partnership with Anthropic

In a recent video featuring Richard Robinson and the AnthropicAI team, we delve into why Anthropic was the ideal partner for us in enhancing the capabilities of our Legal Co-pilot, Claude. Richard emphasizes that the safety, security, and trust of our users are of utmost importance, making Anthropic's expertise the perfect fit for our goals.

Reducing Contract Time with Claude

One of the highlights of our collaboration with Anthropic is the integration of Claude on Amazon Bedrock to streamline and expedite the contract finalisation and signing process. Leveraging Claude's advanced capabilities, we have successfully reduced the time it takes to complete this crucial task by up to 10 times.

Why Claude and Anthropic?

Richard explains in the video that the decision to choose Claude was rooted in its reliability, exceptional accuracy even across lengthy documents, and remarkably low hallucination rates. These factors are critical when dealing with legal documents, ensuring that our users can trust the results and conclusions drawn by our AI-powered Legal Co-pilot.

Watch the Video

For a comprehensive look into our collaboration with Anthropic and the transformative impact on our contract finalisation process, we invite you to watch the insightful video featuring Richard Robinson. Discover how safety, security, and trust are at the forefront of our partnership and how Claude is making a significant difference.

At Robin AI, our commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy platform for our users remains unwavering. The collaboration with Anthropic exemplifies our dedication to innovation, reliability, and efficiency. Together, we continue to build a foundation that prioritises safety, security, and trust in every aspect of our legal tech solutions.

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