Company Update

Copilot: Meet Your Legal AI Assistant

Robin AI's LLM-powered chatbot can answer any questions about contracts you negotiate on the Robin AI platform. Learn more and test it for free.

Company Update

Copilot: Meet Your Legal AI Assistant

Generative AI, and in particular Large Language Models (LLMs) are some of the most exciting new technologies today - comparable to the Internet. LLMs can generate human-like text, answer questions, and even hold conversations. After OpenAI released ChatGPT, interest in AI skyrocketed as people realised the possibilities of systems that understand language. With the rise of LLMs, the legal industry is changing fast. As LLMs become more advanced and widely implemented, they will handle an increasing amount of high volume legal work.

Legal Industry and AI chatbots

In the legal industry, LLMs could be revolutionary. Legal work is deeply text-based, centred around handling and analysing contracts, documents, cases, and more. For decades, lawyers have relied very little on technology for these tasks. LLMs can change that by understanding language in a human way and completing useful jobs like drafting, editing, and research.

While LLMs can be asked to perform many different tasks, their reasoning is black-box and unstructured. They can make mistakes which are sometimes hard to spot.

At Robin AI, we believe LLMs will fundamentally transform legal practice. We're leveraging AI's strengths for our contract platform while recognising its limitations. We've built software to make drafting, reviewing, and analysing contracts easier, faster and more accessible than before, enabling previously impossible use cases.

Introducing Copilot: Our LLM legal assistant

With that said, we're excited to launch Copilot, Robin AI's LLM-powered chatbot. We have integrated this LLM chat feature across all three modules of our contract platform which each handle a stage in a contract’s lifecycle: Draft, Review, and Query.

Copilot can answer questions, suggest edits, and quickly find information across contracts using natural language. We partnered with Anthropic to finetune and integrate their LLM “Claude” to create Copilot. Copilot adds greater levels of flexibility by providing a natural language interface for users to get help with their contracts in seconds.

Speaking to Copilot using plain text allows for a much wider range of requests to be made than previously possible. What's more, Anthropic recently expanded Claude’s context window to 100K tokens of text, corresponding to around 75K words. Which means Copilot can process very lengthy documents and enable extended conversations. This allows our chatbot to discuss even the largest contracts with ease.

Test out Copilot by signing up for a free Robin AI account

How to use Copilot in our contract modules

We’ve already integrated LLMs into our contract platform, from assisting with template creation to LLM-powered contract edits and value-extraction. Now we’ve enhanced our platform with greater flexibility with the release of Copilot:

Draft is where a contract is created.

We recently launched a free version of Draft that includes template contracts we built using a combination of human legal insight and LLMs.

In Draft, Copilot can:

  • Guide users to the right template and answer questions about each template
  • Explain and translates terms
  • Suggests amendments to terms

Review is where contracts are edited and negotiated.

Review uses LLMs to help make live suggestions based on your negotiating playbooks and our free test version has standard playbooks created by our legal experts.

In Review, Copilot can:

  • Explain and translate terms, and previous markups in a contract
  • Suggests off-playbook edits based on instructions
  • Provide examples of similar agreed language

Query is your searchable contract repository.

Query is powered by AI to help quickly find critical information across your signed agreements.

In Query, Copilot can:

  • Answer any question about individual or specified groups of documents

Users can also ask Copilot follow up questions, and its smart enough to remember the history of the conversation and keep that in mind when giving answers.

Give us your feedback

Although LLM interfaces like Copilot are good at many things:

  • Idea generation: Quickly providing multiple options for provisions and arguments
  • Knowledge queries: Answering questions based on a broad range of data
  • Simple edits: Suggesting basic changes to drafts according to instructions

We also know that LLMs have key limitations, like handling quantitative reasoning or adversarial examples. Legal work requires high standards and that’s why we built Copilot into our end-to-end platform so lawyers can direct and review our AI's work, using it like a digital colleague. We call this AI+.

We want Copilot in the hands of as many users as possible so we can improve how it serves the legal industry. As an emerging technology, there are limitations we have yet to discover. That’s why we’re offering Copilot while drafting and editing contracts with a free Robin AI account.

We're listening for feedback and eager to keep improving our AI. After using our chatbot tell us what you’re using it the most for, when you’re getting bad answers and even how you’ve broken it. Our mission is to make contracts simple, and we need this type of feedback to keep building AI that complements how lawyers actually work.

Try Copilot by signing up for a free Robin AI account

Leave your feedback on our Product Hunt page. We want to hear it all, the good, the bad and the hallucinations!

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