Fly Through Your Contracts with Robin AI

Fly Through Your Contracts with Robin AI


Last week marked another important date in the Robin AI calendar, with a visit to San Francisco for the second edition of the Legal Innovators California conference, taking place on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th.

Legal Innovators California is for everybody interested in legal technology, innovation, and the business of law, designed to bring together industry experts, enthusiasts and key decision makers to network with like-minded legal professionals to learn, share and stay updated about the vastly growing and constantly advancing world of legal innovation.

Robin AI

We were proud to be Platinum Sponsors of the event, which included a dedicated product showcase on Thursday from our Co-Founder and CEO, Richard Robinson. Richard also moderated a panel on Thursday morning entitled “CLM, AI and the New Reality”, which analysed what is actually happening in the legal tech and AI space, how CLM is getting adopted and how much technology is helping to make significant change.

With the right application, LLMs have huge potential for saving legal teams hundreds of hours of manual work by assisting with typically time-consuming tasks related to managing the lifecycle of a contract.

This is why at Robin AI, we’ve leveraged the ability of LLMs by integrating them into our modular contract software, Draft, Review and Query, which was discussed and demoed as part of our product showcase.

However, the headline of our presentation was the introduction of our most powerful generative AI feature yet: Robin Copilot.

Robin Copilot is an LLM-powered chat feature fine-tuned for the legal industry by Robin AI’s specialist legal and technical teams, designed to assist users across all three of our modules by taking care of routine, repetitive and time-consuming tasks so they can focus on higher-value activities.

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There are a wide range of applications of Robin Copilot, all designed to further our mission of making contracts simple and empowering our users to leverage LLMs to improve their day-to-day operations with an AI-powered helping hand.

Draft: When creating an agreement, Robin Copilot can help a user to understand what is included in their contracts, what certain definitions and terms mean, and how best to draft agreements.

Review: Robin Copilot can help anyone to understand more about a contract, the obligations, the reporting requirements, the definitions used, and more, so they can get more business done faster, all whilst having a better understanding of key risks and opportunities.

Query: Users of Robin Copilot can ask any question and instantly get an answer, as the AI is fine-tuned by a powerful combination of legal experts and technology specialists to suit the requirements of corporate legal departments.

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