How Robin AI can help you manage your contracts if you work in the Pharmaceutical Industry

How Robin AI can help you manage your contracts if you work in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Whether through our Managed Service powered by AI, where our team of legal professionals use Robin AI’s software to review your contracts, or by using Robin AI’s software directly, you can simplify and accelerate your contract review. Find out more about how Robin AI’s customers like Repligen and other renowned pharmaceutical companies are using the power of legal AI to enhance processes.

Draft contracts seamlessly

One of the key challenges in pharmaceutical companies is the need to give more autonomy to divisions of the business to send contracts to counterparties, without needing to involve the legal team in every contract. Often, the blocker to rolling out these types of processes is ensuring that the terms of the contract are not changed.

Robin AI’s contract copilot can help divisions to draft contracts seamlessly using pre-approved templates from the legal team.  All of your pre-approved contract templates can be saved and accessed by the wider business divisions. They simply need to choose the correct template, and fill in a dynamic form with the required fields which then get automatically populated within the contract template. This typically includes information like the counterparty’s name and address, the term of the contract, and anything else that you would like to customise.

The rest of the template is not editable, so your legal terms are safe, accurate and consistent. You can tailor the workflow to meet your business requirements - either enabling colleagues to download the contract directly to send it to the counterparty, or by introducing an approval workflow which requires the Legal Team’s approval.

Review your CDAs and vendor agreements faster with legal AI

Robin AI’s contract copilot can help to accelerate review of common commercial documents like CDAs (Confidential Disclosure Agreements) / NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and your Vendor Agreements like MSAs, Services Agreements and SOWs (Statements of Work).Robin AI’s powerful software, which is available via an Add-In for Microsoft Word, enables you to get AI suggested edits to the contracts based on your playbook. Time is essential, especially when you want to be able to share a clinical trial protocol with a site and start the feasibility process, or to get your SOW signed so the lab can start on that critical preclinical study. Using Robin AI’s contract copilot can really help you get contracts signed and projects launched quicker! Accelerating the contract review and analysis using cutting-edge legal AI has far-reaching impacts across the business.

AI-powered search for contract querying

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re trying to search through your CLM for a previous CTA between your company and a certain hospital in Germany, because you want to check what was agreed for the intellectual property clause, to leverage your negotiations of this clause on a new contract with that hospital you are currently reviewing.

Or maybe you just do not have any record of previous contracts. Robin AI’s powerful AI-assisted search is so much more powerful than a CLM. A secure contract repository turns your contracts into actionable data so you can easily search through all your contracts and clauses, either by using intuitive filters or simply by typing your request - for example, you can type in the search box: “Show me all the Clinical Trial Agreements with Hospital X”, or “Show me the Intellectual Property clause within Clinical Trial Agreements with Hospital X”. You then get a list of results, and you can easily click through each of them, and it brings you directly to the clause you are looking for - no more scrolling through pages and pages, or wearing out your CTRL + F keys!
Another problem solved using Robin AI’s software is keeping track of obligations, such as renewals of agreements, or expiry dates. You and your colleagues can be notified before your contracts expire. This removes the need for manual Excel trackers or other tedious record-keeping tasks - let the software do the work for you!

Chat with Robin, our AI contract copilot

Robin AI’s contract copilot works alongside you as you’re drafting new agreements or doing analysis of your contracts. One of the key features is the ability to chat with Robin, our AI contract copilot, and ask any questions about the contract you have uploaded. Robin can help you find that indemnification clause hidden within a 60-page Master Services Agreement, or draft a summary of the contract for you - in seconds. It’s proven a game-changing feature for those working in the pharmaceutical industry where documents are often very long and complex.

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