Kitty Boxall speaks to Darian Woods at The Indicator from Planet Money

Kitty Boxall speaks to Darian Woods at The Indicator from Planet Money


How is AI impacting jobs and the economy?

Advancements in artificial intelligence have already started to reshape the types of jobs and skills that will drive future economies. AI is creating new kinds of jobs - from computer vision scientists to data ethicists to human-AI interaction experts.

The legal industry has also experienced shifts as a result of AI. From new roles emerging, like Legal Engineers, to changes in existing roles, there has been a sea of change in the last 12 months since large language models burst on to the scene.

The Legal Engineering Team at Robin AI

As the Legal Engineering Lead at Robin AI, Kitty’s role uniquely combines two highly technical skillsets - her deep knowledge of the law and contracts, and her expertise working with large language models (LLMs) and Robin AI’s proprietary machine learning models. Kitty and the Legal Engineering team at Robin AI are shaping the way that legal AI is being developed and deployed. This new technology is already helping businesses around the world to do tasks like contract review 82% faster than before.

Developments in generative AI have been so fast in the last 12 months that a wave of new jobs have been created that simply didn’t exist before. Kitty’s job is a great example of this happening. She originally joined Robin AI’s specialist Legal & Product team - a department that in itself is a new development in the job market. The Legal & Product team harness the power of Robin AI’s contract copilot to deliver a managed service to enterprise clients in different sectors ranging from Private Markets to BioTech and Insurance. She has since been promoted to Legal Engineering Lead at Robin AI where she works on complex challenges to build and shape the future of legal AI products. The Legal Engineering team at Robin AI was founded in the last 12 months, and presents an evolution in the types of roles that are available to lawyers with technical skillsets, like Kitty.

A conversation with Kitty Boxall

Kitty Boxall, Legal Engineering Lead at Robin AI spoke to Darian Woods from Planet Money’s The Indicator earlier this week about the new jobs that developments in AI has created.

Kitty commented on the podcast, “I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Darian on Planet Money’s The Indicator about my role at Robin AI, and to have a broader conversation about the future of work and jobs. Joining Robin AI has given me the opportunity to connect two of my passions: developing new technology and products, and the law! It’s an exciting time to be working at the intersection between AI and the law - there’s so much opportunity to help lawyers to harness the power of legal AI to transform their efficiency, productivity and accuracy. I fully believe that this new technology is enabling lawyers to work at the top of their licenses, doing the substantive work that they enjoy the most, and not getting weighed down by the time-consuming and repetitive work.

I think the future of work is really exciting as there is so much potential for new roles and specialisms to develop across industry verticals - I’m in a role that didn’t exist 18 months ago, and I’m both optimistic and enthusiastic about the new opportunities that will emerge as this technology continues to evolve.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

Careers at Robin AI

“There are lots of opportunities at Robin AI for those with domain expertise in the law, technology and AI. I would recommend that anyone interested in learning about new opportunities and emerging career paths get in touch with our Talent Team here at Robin AI”, comments Kitty.

Robin AI was founded in 2019 by Richard Robinson, a former lawyer at Clifford Chance and James Clough, a former machine learning research scientist at KCL and Imperial College. Robin AI has over 100 employees in London and New York, working collaboratively on the company mission to “make contracts simple”. Robin AI serves a diverse range of customers from large multinationals to SMEs and scale-ups.

If you’d like to understand more about Robin AI’s contract copilot, you can create your free account with Robin AI here. Find out more about the career opportunities at Robin AI here.

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