In-House Corporate Legal: The Department of Solutions

In-House Corporate Legal: The Department of Solutions


Harness the power of AI to solve challenges

Corporate Legal Departments are facing more challenges than ever. With increasing volumes of work, pressure on headcount and more responsibilities falling under the remit of the department, it’s safe to say that corporate in-house teams can sometimes struggle to keep up with the demands of the business.

A key responsibility of in-house legal teams is to evaluate risk, and with more pressures than ever before, they’re weighed down with processes that involve reading, reviewing and searching large volumes of documentation. Because of their responsibility to protect the business, they are often perceived as a blocker in the business as they seek to throughly understand risk, and provide high-quality guidance.

In fast-paced industries and businesses, deals need to get done to support revenue growth. However, there are new technologies that are enabling in-house legal teams to change their internal perception and become “the department of solutions”.

If in-house legal teams are to earn this moniker, then they must carefully select technological solutions that are purpose-built for the legal use case to ease this administrative burden. However, with their budgets already significant and internal resources stretched thin, they need to be strategic and find something that immediately delivers real value from their investment.

If you are not sure where to start, read our white paper on generative AI in the legal industry. The paper includes real-world examples and insights on how legal teams are already leveraging generative AI.

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Modular, AI-powered software that delivers value

Enter Robin AI.

Our AI-powered contract platform empowers corporate legal teams to make handling documents easier than ever before, so they can keep their priorities on doing the high-value strategic work that’s far more in line with their skillset.

Take the review of third party paper, for instance, something that wasn’t possible just a few months ago. However, with the rapid rise of generative AI and its natural ability to process large amounts of text, harnessing this technology has made this problem a thing of the past.

Robin AI provides support at every stage of the contract journey.

In Draft users can create contracts in minutes.

Review helps legal teams with AI-enhanced contract review.

Query provides a powerful AI-assisted search through a centralised contract repository.

With Robin AI’s modular, flexible, platform, corporate legal teams can optimise key processes, remove the repetitive work from their day-to-day and focus on solving business problems. All with the helping hand of Robin, our dedicated AI copilot that enables lawyers to fly through their contract processes.

AI Contract Copilot eases workload

All of our modules are supported by our contract copilot and dedicated AI assistant Robin, who can perform a number of helpful, time-saving tasks.

Simple explanations

Clauses, terms and definitions can often be hard to understand, even if you're an experienced lawyer. Robin can explain clauses in plain English and help you understand definitions.

Concise summaries

As a lawyer, you'll often get asked to provide an overview of key information. Robin can help draft an email to a CEO, create a memo for your sales team summarising a contract and more.

Fast contract review

Robin suggest edits to your contracts or third party paper using your playbooks, and can insert missing clauses or even suggest amendments based on your provisions.

Powerful searches

Robin can also find information from across your contract repository in seconds. Instantly find out if there are auto-renewal clauses in your supplier agreements or if you have non-solicitation provisions in your NDAs.

Find top tips and tricks for getting the most out of Robin.

Robin AI is bucking the trend of legal tech providers who require a significant investment of internal resources, offering a new way of harnessing AI for in-house legal teams across the globe that is simple, intuitive and easy to implement. With our modular approach, we focus on delivering value to our clients on day 1.

Focus on the strategic work you do best

Let Robin AI handle the rest
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