Enhanced Visibility and Oversight for Legal Teams with Obligations Management

Enhanced Visibility and Oversight for Legal Teams with Obligations Management


Enhancing visibility and oversight for legal teams with Robin AI's Obligation Management feature

In-house legal teams no longer need to manually track their contract obligations in spreadsheets with Robin AI's latest feature, Obligation Management.

Managing and tracking obligations is a challenge for all in-house legal teams. It’s a tedious process which is most commonly managed in MS Excel - and it requires a huge amount of manual input to get the right data in there in the first place, and requires a big lift to keep updated and on top of the duties. Unfortunately this manual way of tracking obligations means that deadlines are missed, costing the company revenue and exposing the business to risk.

With Robin AI’s latest feature, legal teams can review, prioritise and action all their tasks relating to contract obligations from a simple, intuitive dashboard. We’re giving legal teams a bird’s eye view of all their legal obligations across their contracts which were previously buried in mountains of paperwork. By leveraging the power of LLMs we’re able to quickly surface obligations to legal teams, and provide an intuitive way to keep on top of tasks and duties with reminders and notifications.

It’s another step forward to help legal teams to better prioritise and manage resource. Tasks and responsibilities can be assigned to different team members, and it’s simple to see where the most important priorities lay. This tool will help legal teams to make sure that auto-renewal clauses aren’t missed, and that important opportunities to renegotiate commercial terms are secured, helping teams to save money and drive revenue.

Obligation Management is another step forward from the Robin AI team to help make contracts simple for everyone.

  • Visibility: one centralised view of obligations across all contracts, which can be filtered and prioritised based on requirements.
  • Risk management: reminders ensure that reporting obligations and other key requirements are met on schedule.
  • Prioritisation: with so many obligations to manage, users can assign the appropriate level of priority to different tasks in order to stay on top of business critical requirements.
  • Collaboration & workloads: assign tasks and duties to different members of the team to ensure that deadlines are met and operational discipline is enhanced.
  • Management reporting: keep the business informed about risks and dependencies, communicated in a user-friendly way.
  • Unlocking time: reduce the administrative burden on legal teams to manually update and stay on top of cumbersome spreadsheets so they can focus time on strategy work for the business.

Obligation Management is available in Robin AI's module Query.

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