The next generation of Robin AI’s Contract Copilot with Claude 3

The next generation of Robin AI’s Contract Copilot with Claude 3


Early Partner of Anthropic

Robin AI, an early legal AI launch partner of Anthropic, is proud to announce the integration of Claude 3 into the AI Contract Copilot — Robin AI’s LLM-powered chatbot.

The integration marks a significant advancement for Robin AI’s Contract Copilot, building upon a foundations laid by the Claude 2 models that previously fueled the chat function.

The improvements empower lawyers by helping them better understand contracts and provides even higher quality answers to questions. The improved Contract Copilot offers:

  • The ability to analyse even longer contracts and documents, enabling lawyers to find clauses, definitions and other contract data buried in hundreds of pages of text
  • Higher quality responses to questions about the contract, including on tasks that may require the interpretation of multiple clauses or paragraphs of text
  • More reliability in answers, and Robin AI’s copilot will continue to reference the relevant text or clauses in the contract that answer questions to help lawyers to validate information which has been provided

The new models unveiled by Anthropic just last week have recieved praise for their improved reasoning capabilities and enhanced accuracy. Data shows that the Claude 3 models outperform other LLMs across a range of benchmarks — especially on expert reasoning tasks — and makes them particularly well-suited to the complexities of legal work.

By combining Anthropic’s large language models with proprietary machine learning techniques, sophisticated legal engineering and domain specific data sets, Robin AI offers a unique approach. It enables lawyers to work faster and more accurately with tools that are designed to support a wide range of legal tasks including drafting, analysing contracts and providing suggested edits

More about Contract Copilot

Robin AI’s Contract Copilot, available as an Add-In for Microsoft Word, augments the abilities of lawyers and enables them to accelerate the review and negotiation of contracts. The AI Contract Copilot has a free version which is available to everyone to understand and learn more about how Legal AI can enhance productivity, accelerate review and improve the accuracy of legal work.

Since 2022, Robin AI has partnered with Anthropic, in part due to the approach taken by the Anthropic team that places huge emphasis on the safety and reliability of its large language models, including Claude 3, which was unveiled last week. Anthropic was founded by former members of OpenAI.

How does Robin AI’s Contract Copilot help lawyers?

  • Lawyers can ask questions about their contracts, like “What is the jurisdiction?” or “Is there a non-solicitation clause” to quickly find and identify relevant parts of the contract that may require review or editing.
  • Using the Defined Terms checker, lawyers can quickly understand if there are instances where the incorrect defined term has been used, or if there are instances of missing capitalisation, helping to enhance the accuracy of contract review.
  • The contract copilot can help with ad hoc drafting tasks, such as suggesting new language that can be used to refine a clause or to make it more favourable to a particular party.
  • When communicating with their clients or colleagues, lawyers can use the contract copilot to help explain complex legal language and translate complex concepts into plain language to help improve understanding of the language and obligations.
  • By leveraging our ability to summarise with Robin AI’s copilot, lawyers can generate succinct and helpful overviews of the contract, contract obligations and other important information in seconds. As a result, it helps businesses to unlock new opportunities faster.

About Robin AI

Robin AI is a leader in legal AI and helps businesses across four continents to enhance their contract processes by making it simpler and more intuitive for lawyers to review contracts and other legal documents. Integrated directly into the workflow of lawyers as an add-in for Microsoft Word, Robin AI gives legal professionals the power of AI to help augment their productivity.

To find out more about Robin AI, you can create your free account to access our AI contract copilot, or you can get in touch with the team at Robin AI to get a tour of the product and more information about how we work with lawyers around the world.

To understand more about the use cases and applications for generative AI in the legal sector, access Robin AI’s 2024 Report on Legal AI here.

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