Robin AI Launches Draft: Contract Drafting Module

Robin AI Launches Draft: Contract Drafting Module


Our mission is to make contracts simple and that applies from the very beginning of a contract’s journey. Every contract has to start somewhere, but for the vast majority of contracts negotiated around the world, this starting point serves to make attorneys’ lives harder later on.

Every lawyer will know that starting from scratch every single time is clearly wrong, but is there anything better?

Usually, it comes down to some sort of template, but even these are riddled with flaws. They’re time-consuming and fiddly. And that assumes a legal team has all the information they need from the beginning. More often than not, that information is held by someone else in the organisation - a sales or procurement team who aren’t legally trained and doesn’t know what detail is relevant and helpful and what is not.

Our new contract drafting module

There must be a better way - attorneys should be able to build new contracts quickly, starting with accurate and complete data gathered seamlessly from other teams. They should have access to reliable and up-to-date templates without wasting so much time they wonder if they really would have been better off starting from scratch.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of Draft, our automated contract drafting module.

With Draft, anyone can create a contract in minutes using easily findable, user-friendly and dynamic templates. By simplifying contract drafting and providing an intuitive guided experience, Draft gathers key data from commercial teams smoothly, updates the contract accordingly and enables teams to operate more independently.

You can try Draft for free to test for yourself how it works

Drafting challenges that we’re addressing

Contract drafting presents several pain points for organisations. Legal and commercial teams often struggle with:

  • Fragmented systems and static templates: Teams rely on copying and pasting from rigid Word templates, requiring manual updates. This introduces risks of errors and omissions.
  • Duplication of work: Commercial teams enter data in other systems which lawyers then re-enter into templates. There is no single source of truth.
  • Incomplete or overcomplicated templates: Attorneys either have to grapple with long, overcomplicated templates or have to spend time drafting provisions that should have been included to begin with.
  • Lack of transparency in approvals: It is unclear who needs to sign off on what. Approval processes vary and explanations have to be provided in commercial terms, increasing time required.
  • Over-reliance on legal resources: The legal team is burdened with low-value repetitive work like drafting routine contracts, preventing focus on strategic priorities.

The result is inefficient and costly contract drafting that can be prone to errors.

How Draft works

Users select a template and fill out simple forms to automatically generate a complete contract. The forms populate the correct clauses and terms in real time, minimising the risk of errors that come with copying and pasting from static templates.

Draft for small business – free to use

Many small businesses and individuals cannot afford legal advice for routine contracts. To make legal services more accessible, we have released Draft for free so these users can create standard contracts on their own.

Anyone can access helpful templates on Draft and generate common agreements like NDAs, employment contracts, services agreements, and supply agreements at no cost.

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Draft for corporates and large business

For larger companies, the Robin AI team configures Draft to your legal team’s templates, ensuring the latest, approved contract language is always used. Anyone in the organisation can use Draft to complete contracts within minutes through intuitive guided forms.

With Draft, commercial teams can initiate routine contracts based on your templates, while legal teams maintain control and oversight through built-in approval workflows.

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Robin AI’s modular contract software

Robin AI’s platform has three modules, each handling a stage in a contract’s lifecycle. We call them:

  • Draft: For creating contracts from dynamic templates
  • Review: For editing contracts during negotiations. We use AI to identify key provisions and make live suggestions according to your bespoke negotiating playbook
  • Query: A searchable contract repository powered by AI. Quickly find critical information across your signed agreements

Our modular approach is lightweight and comprehensive. Each module integrates with the others seamlessly but also functions independently, allowing you to adopt either the end-to-end platform or select modules to supplement your existing technology stack.

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