Robin AI launches Word Add-In: Introducing the future of AI-powered contract review

Robin AI launches Word Add-In: Introducing the future of AI-powered contract review


Robin AI launches Word Add-In: Introducing the future of AI-powered contract review

Today Robin AI launches the Add-In for Microsoft Word to help lawyers to fly through their contract review. Bringing the power of our AI contract copilot, Robin, to Microsoft Word enables all lawyers to accelerate contract review, enhance accuracy and consistency, and free up time.

Why did we built an Add-In for Microsoft Word?

It’s estimated that more than 90% of all lawyers use Microsoft Word to review, markup and negotiate contracts. Microsoft Word provides a range of must-have features for lawyers, including the ability to handle large documents effectively, the track changes functionality and the ability to add comments for colleagues. It is the environment in which lawyers have the most familiarity, as it is used daily to manage contract processes.

It’s why we have delivered a new Add-In that is designed to support lawyers where they work best, in Microsoft Word. The free Add-In for Robin AI enables lawyers to harness the power of our AI contract copilot to get suggested edits, to check defined terms and to easily search and find information in the contract using the chat in our contract copilot.

The Add-In for Microsoft Word has been a hot topic amongst our customers who were looking at ways to make access to best-in-class legal AI technologies more available to their team, and more integrated into their day-to-day workflows. With the Add-In, lawyers can continue to operate from the environment in which they spend the most time, whilst benefitting from AI to help boost productivity and efficiency in their teams. The progress on contracts and all the functionality remains available in Robin AI’s browser-based application too, which also enables users to access other tools like AI-powered search of executed contracts in our secure repository.

How is the Microsoft Word Add-In for Robin AI driving results?

With a team of over 50 legal professionals at Robin AI, the Add-In has been put to the test when it comes to accelerating contract review processes. The feedback from the brilliant legal professionals at Robin AI has been overwhelmingly positive, as they can use the contract copilot to complete contract review over 85% faster. The Add-In has been designed to be simple and intuitive, enabling lawyers to jump to specific parts of the contract that need their attention, and to provide as much information as possible about instructions for specific clauses, and where there are errors that need further attention, e.g. when a specific type of clause is missing from a contract, or where there is an error with a defined term.

The benefits of the Add-In span much further than simply accelerating contract review processes. Legal teams in-house and in private practice are grappling with increased workloads and greater expectations for the fast turnaround of contracts. The Add-In provides a way to free up time to focus on other work, whilst ensuring that the results remain consistently high quality. This type of technology can help leading teams to improve staff retention and to hire the best talent, by empowering teams with the correct technology to be successful. It enables businesses to create effective, scalable processes that enable them to manage contract processes effectively, whilst ensuring that there is enough bandwidth in the team to support on other initiatives. The Robin AI Add-In enables lawyers to operate at the top of their licence.

What is the key Robin AI functionality available in the Microsoft Add-In?

From the sidebar, users can access Robin AI’s contract copilot. The chat function enables lawyers to ask questions about their contracts. Robin, our contract copilot can answer questions about lengthy contracts, even ones that are over 100 pages in length. This enables lawyers to quickly find key information and clauses, and to ask for support with simple daily tasks, from translating clauses into different languages, to getting summarisations of obligations or of the whole contract. Robin is very adept at drafting summary emails and helping to prepare memos to brief the wider team or different business departments. Some examples are provided to help you to get started using Robin AI to answer questions about your contracts.

The AI contract copilot can also suggest edits for your contracts based on your playbooks. You can have different playbooks for different contracts, and these ensure that the suggested edits provided align with your company positions and provisions. This helps you to identify which clauses need to be edited to meet your company requirements, and identified when certain clauses are missing from your contracts. Our contract copilot will show the instructions that you have created for specific clauses, and will scroll to the clause in question to help you to evaluate the changes that have been proposed. From there, it’s straightforward to accept or decline suggestions that are made by the contract copilot. Robin will always seek to minimise redline where possible, whilst ensuring that clauses meet the company positions and standards. It means that lawyers can quickly and accurately review common contracts like NDAs, Supplier Agreements and more.

Robin AI’s contract copilot can also support with a number of other tasks that you might need to complete during the contract review process, such as checking the defined terms are correct in the contract. This helps to ensure that contracts are accurate and that the quality is consistently high. It’s easy to make a mistake or miss an important term when you’re quickly scanning line-by-line through a contract. AI can be a huge help with this task, ensuring that checking defined terms is swift and accurate.

How can the impact of Robin AI be quantified?

If you’re seeking to evaluate how Robin AI is helping your team to review and negotiate contracts faster, it’s worth considering how much faster your team can complete this process with the help of our AI contract copilot. Robin AI’s clients have typically seen 80% - 85% faster contract review using our contract copilot, and it has proved to be particularly effective with commonly negotiated contracts like NDAs and Supplier Agreements. It’s also worth considering how much time your team currently spend preparing summaries and emails to brief the wider team on the contract itself, or on specific clauses and obligations. The contract copilot can provide very effective summarisation of the key obligations and will always provide your lawyers with the exact provisions and clauses in the contract which it references, so you can check and validate the answers provided.

What does this mean for the future of contract review work?

Many legal teams that Robin AI have spoken to have identified that they spend a huge amount of time on routine contract review, which impacts their ability to carry out other high importance tasks, such as supporting on special projects or helping with business strategy. Robin AI’s tools can be used by in-house lawyers, lawyers working in private practice and other business stakeholders who regularly find themselves reviewing and negotiating contracts. The brilliance of the AI contract copilot is that it can both accelerate the process, whilst also boosting the accuracy, consistency and quality of the work in teams. Robin AI’s customers use the tools to help train junior colleagues on the way to most effectively and efficiently negotiate contracts, and team leaders benefit from better oversight and visibility across the contract process.

As one of Robin AI’s most highly requested features, there is a strong appetite for lawyers to harness AI to help with their processes, but in a way that enables them to continue to leverage their day-to-day tools that work effectively for their needs - like Microsoft Word. Robin AI will continue to build intuitive and useful help into the AI contract copilot so that lawyers can optimise for the fastest and most accurate turnaround time of contracts, benefitting both their personal goals within their teams, and wider business and client goals.

Is it free to create an account with Robin AI?

Yes, everyone can use their work email address to create a free account with Robin AI. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll receive quick instructions for getting the Microsoft Add-In up and running. This is available for PC and Mac users on both the browser and desktop applications of Word. The free accounts provide you with access to the AI contract copilot, which will enable you to ask questions and get answers about your contracts, to get suggested edits for your contracts and to check the defined terms.

Is it free to use the Microsoft Add-In for Robin AI?

Yes, you should start off by creating your free account with Robin AI and then following the instructions provided in your account to get access to the Microsoft Word Add-In. The free accounts provide you with access to the contract copilot, Robin and will enable you to carry out tasks like checking defined terms, or using the chat function to get a summary of your contract or specific clauses. If you are interested in understanding more about how Robin AI’s team can help to support you on custom playbooks, please get in touch with the team. Playbooks can be created that align with your company provisions and fallbacks, ensuring that the AI suggested edits meet the instructions as provided by your legal teams. These types of playbooks are particularly effective for in-house legal teams or businesses that are managing a high volume of contracts, particularly routine agreements like NDAs, MSAs and Supplier Agreements.

What is available in the Robin AI paid accounts?

You should speak to a member of the Robin AI team to understand more about the functionality available within the paid accounts, and whether that is a suitable option for your business. Robin AI’s paid accounts offer a lot more customisation of playbooks so that our AI contract copilot edits contracts in line with your custom business positions. Our dedicated Customer Success and Legal teams will create your dedicated playbooks. Many of our customers will have multiple playbooks for the same type of contracts, e.g. a Heavy and a Light markup for NDAs. This customisation enables companies to set their own positions and fallbacks and to ensure that the AI contract copilot does the markup based on the instructions that we have provided about your company positions. Robin AI also has a wealth of functionality available in the secure contract repository which is only available to our paid customers. The team at Robin AI have developed new applications for large language models that enable lawyers to seamlessly search through their contracts to find information buried in clauses in seconds. Legal teams can also balance workflow by identifying and managing obligations in contracts, by setting reminders and tasks for the teams, and support other contract processes by understanding variations in clauses that have been used and having access to precedents.

What is the technology that sits behind Robin AI?

Robin AI combines proprietary machine learning models, one of the largest contract data sets in the world, and Anthropic’s large language model to deliver best-in-class software that is uniquely tailored to the requirements of lawyers. The software was developed by the expert legal and machine learning teams at Robin AI who have delivered cutting edge products that have enabled legal teams to transform the way that they review, markup and manage their contracts.

What resources should lawyers consider to get more familiar with Robin AI?

You can access the free white paper about the applications for Generative AI in Legal here which provides a useful overview of the developments in generative AI, and how and why this new technology can help lawyers to be more efficient and boost productivity. The Legal & Product team at Robin AI have also put together some useful information about hacks for MS Word for lawyers which are designed to help you to get more done, faster. You can create your free account with Robin AI to familiarise yourself with the AI contract copilot and the types of tasks that it can help with, from summarising contracts to helping with review and markup.

If I want to get started with Robin AI’s Microsoft Add-In, what are the next steps?

Visit https://app.robinai.co.uk/signup to create your free account with Robin AI. Once you’ve created your account, you will receive instructions for the installation of the Microsoft Word Add-In. From there you simply need to log in to your account to get started using Robin, the AI contract copilot. From there, the Robin AI icon will be visible in your MS Word account, and you can click on the icon to access Robin AI in the sidebar. We recommend trying the chat functionality with Robin, and asking some questions about your contract (some examples are provided for you if you aren’t sure where to start). We also recommend using the playbook to see suggested edits for your contracts, which you can click to approve or decline.

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