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Hundreds of global businesses are harnessing the power of generative AI for legal.
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Bringing the power of our AI contract copilot to lawyers where they work most productively, in Word.

All lawyers use Microsoft Word for their day-to-day work. We're providing a seamless and intuitive experience for businesses of all sizes, to make contracts simple

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Intuitive design

Enable seamless working from MS Word desktop or browser with the Robin AI Add-In.

Built for legal

Speed up your contract review by getting AI-assisted suggested edits, questions answered, and defined terms checked.

Unlock productivity

Accelerate your work without compromising on accuracy and consistency. Help your team do more, faster.

Outpace competitors

Maximise your competitive advantage by harnessing the power of AI for legal.

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Word, with superpowers included

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We work with hundreds of businesses globally to accelerate contract review with our AI contract copilot.

500,000+ Contracts processed

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