Robin AI brings power of Claude 3 to customers

Robin AI brings power of Claude 3 to customers


Robin AI Brings Power of Claude 3 to Customers

London, UK; New York, USA - Thursday 14 March 2024 - Robin AI, the legal AI copilot, today announced that it has started integrating Anthropic’s latest LLM model - Claude 3 - into its contract copilot, bringing customers the fastest model in its intelligence class. Anthropic unveiled the Claude 3 family of models last week.

Claude 3 will deliver significant performance improvements to Robin AI’s contract copilot with customers benefitting from:

  • The ability to read even longer contracts and documents, enabling lawyers to find clauses, definitions and other contract data buried in hundreds of pages of text.
  • Higher quality responses to questions about the contract, including on tasks that may require the interpretation of multiple clauses or paragraphs of text.
  • Faster responses - Claude 3 Haiku for example is three times faster than its peers for the vast majority of workloads, processing 21k tokens (approx 30 pages) per second.
  • More reliability in answers, and Robin AI’s copilot will continue to reference the relevant text or clauses in the contract that answer questions to help lawyers to validate information which has been provided.

Robin AI has already fully integrated Claude 3 Haiku, which was released to API yesterday, to power the chat functionality of its contract copilot. It is currently testing other models in the Claude 3 family to power more complex tasks.

Robin AI selected Claude as its LLM partner due to Anthropic’s emphasis on the safety and security of its AI models and because they are ideally suited to complex legal work with much larger context windows (200k in the case of Claude 3 models). Anthropic has conducted rigorous testing of Claude 3 Haiku to reduce the likelihood of harmful outputs. Additional layers of defence include continuous systems monitoring, endpoint hardening, secure coding practices, strong data encryption protocols, and stringent access controls to protect sensitive data.

Robin AI operates a unique hybrid model that combines the Claude LLM with its own proprietary contract data (from over 2 million contracts) and machine learning techniques to read and understand contracts. An in-house team of legal professionals, or lawyers-in-the-loop, helps to further refine the model to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

“Anthropic has raised the bar when it comes to LLMs and now sets the standard for the most powerful, intelligent and responsible LLM in the market,” said James Clough, co-founder and CTO of Robin AI. “We are the only legal AI company to integrate Claude into our model and this allows us to offer customers the fastest and smartest legal contract copilot.”

Robin AI’s contract copilot is available as a Microsoft Word add-in making it even easier for lawyers to incorporate into their day-to-day work (the vast majority of lawyers use MS Word to draft, edit and review contracts).

About Robin AI

Robin AI serves a diverse range of customers from large multinational corporations to SMEs and scale-ups. For example, our free self-serve software helps SMEs process contracts faster and at significantly lower cost - and bigger businesses can make use of more advanced AI features to edit and query high volume contracts efficiently, alongside specialist support from our 60 in-house legal professionals.

Founded in 2019 by Richard Robinson, a former lawyer at Clifford Chance, and James Clough, a former machine learning research scientist at KCL and Imperial College, Robin AI has a 130+ team of full-time employees, including legal professionals and software engineers. The Robin AI team is based in London and New York but operates globally. 75% of its revenue is derived from the US.

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