Making Defined Terms Simple

Making Defined Terms Simple


Enhanced Defined Terms Checking: Robin AI's Latest Addition to the AI Legal Assistant

Legal professionals know that checking the defined terms in a contract is a necessary but often tedious task. Typically lawyers will comb through the contract line by line to ensure defined terms are correct, often having to scroll up and down through the contract to review the definitions and wearing out CTRL + F keys. All the issues in the contract have to be manually fixed and lawyers will need to consider how to minimise redline when making these edits.

Defined Terms

That's why we're excited to introduce the latest new feature in Robin AI's contract copilot: the ability to check the defined terms in contracts in seconds. With this new feature, the AI copilot will scan the whole contract in seconds and surface all the issues that relate to defined terms. Suggested edits will be provided so that legal professionals can work their way through the corrections quickly, with the ability to jump straight to the definition to verify suggested edits.

Time-savings for Lawyers

This new feature bolsters the powers of Robin AI's contract copilot, which has quickly become the go-to tool for lawyers to use in their day-to-day to support with contract review. The types of issues that the defined terms checker will flag range from missing capitalisations to instances where the wrong term has been used. Issues in the contract are grouped together for an intuitive user experience. For example, if the word "parties" has been used on multiple occasions without being capitalised, the AI contract copilot will sort this issues together so that legal professionals can quickly fix them. The design has been optimised to generate time-savings for lawyers, whilst ensuring that suggested edits from the AI contract copilot can be verified and validated.

As one client put it "Robin AI shaved hours off my time reviewing contracts - it's helping me to work more efficiently, without compromising on the high standards of quality that I set for me and the team that I manage."

Robin AI's contract copilot is available as an Add-In for Microsoft Word to integrate into the existing workflows of legal professionals. This builds on Robin AI's mission to help lawyers to save time, work more accurately and to be able to focus on high-value tasks. We're making cutting-edge legal AI products accessible right within Microsoft Word. Legal professionals can create a free account with Robin AI here.

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