CEO of Robin AI, Richard Robinson delivers showcase at Legal Innovators 4.0

CEO of Robin AI, Richard Robinson delivers showcase at Legal Innovators 4.0


Legal Innovators 4.0 Recap

After a brilliant time at Legal Innovators California earlier this year, the Robin AI team were really pleased to connect with fellow legal AI enthusiasts at Legal Innovators 4.0 in London. It was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, learnings and opportunities with legal AI. The last 12 months has seen a burst of activity in the legal space, and we were really interested to learn more about the different projects across the sector as lawyers in private practice and in-house seek to identify applications for generative AI in their practices.

Panel discussion - Contract Management: AI and the Real Deal

A highlight of the conference for the Robin AI was our CEO and Founder, Richard Robinson’s panel discussion with in-house and legal operations leaders, and the demo of Robin AI’s software which saw huge attendance from the audience. We completely packed out the room so there was standing room only - we were so delighted to have so many lawyers interested in the capabilities of Robin AI’s contract copilot.

Some takeaways from the panel:

  • Most of the Legal AI tools right now are in English. There’s a big demand for tools that can work across different languages to support faster deals and better obligation management. There’s a particular lack of tools that can handle non-latin languages.
  • It’s important to understand both the risks and opportunities that AI presents. Whilst we are right to be excited about this paradigm shift, and the productivity and efficiency gains that it unlocks, it’s critical to understand the risks of this technology too. The recent AI Safety Summit has sought to find the right balance between fostering innovation in this space, and having the correct level of oversight.

More from our CTO and Co-Founder James Clough on the topic of the AI Safety Summit here for UKTN.

  • There’s been a lot of discussion about whether CLMs are outdated, and whether the next wave of technology that is AI-native, will deliver better value for in-house legal teams who are looking for productivity and efficiency gains. CLMs have tended to be large-scale, complex, and costly systems to implement. Our CEO Richard highlighted the benefits of deploying cutting-edge legal AI to solve specific challenges for in-house legal teams, such as contract review of third party paper, and harnessing the power of LLMs to enable natural language querying of contract data.

Robin AI has previously examined CLMs and explored the options for different technology to support modern GCs in this report.

  • Privacy concerns where raised with AI, as panellists and the audience sought to understand whether data that is entered into legal AI tools (like Robin AI) is used to train foundation models, like Anthropic’s Claude. There’s a big difference in approaches across different legal AI companies. Robin AI has always prioritised data security and privacy as a result of having large clients in heavily regulated industries such as Investment Management, BioTech and Pharmaceuticals.

Watch this video with James Clough who provides a walk through of Robin AI’s information security policies.

Product Showcase - Robin AI

Richard Robinson’s showcase of Robin AI’s contract copilot was a huge hit with the attendees of Legal Innovators. Richard was so pleased to see the interest and enthusiasm to learn more about Robin AI’s capabilities.

Richard talked through our new Add-In for Microsoft Word and why we built it. The Robin AI team wanted to help lawyers to harness the power of legal AI directly in MS Word, where they typically send a significant amount of their working day when reviewing and negotiating contracts. The audience asked a number of really important questions, from how the AI contract copilot could handle documents in other languages, to whether data is used to train underlying large language models.

Richard’s showcase focussed on two particular applications of Robin AI’s contract copilot:

  • Accelerating contract review
  • Using natural language to query contract data

Accelerating contract review

The power of Robin AI’s contract copilot is evidenced by its ability to read third party paper and to suggests edits to the contract based on playbooks. By combining proprietary machine learning, large language models and deep legal and AI expertise, Robin AI has developed products that are uniquely tailored the requirements of lawyers. Reading, understanding and labelling contracts is an important part of the delivery of more sophisticated legal AI products for lawyers. The demonstration highlighted the surgical approach to redlining, and the Robin AI team’s deep understanding of how to assist lawyers with contract review in a way that improves the overall speed of the contract review process by over 80%. The ability to find information buried in contracts in seconds, even if just a word or a sentence hidden in over 200 pages, is a huge advantage for lawyers who are looking to identify particular risks or concerns with contracts.

Natural language querying

Finding particular contracts, or information buried within those documents is a particular challenge for lawyers working in-house. Richard demonstrated how lawyers can ask questions in natural language, such as “show me all my Supplier Agreements with an automatic renewal clause” or “find all my NDAs with a non-solicitation clause” and immediately understand which contracts contain this information, with the ability to dive straight into the relevant parts of the document. This is a huge development in the way that software can support lawyers to manage their contract obligations effectively, and a huge productivity gain to have all the relevant information at their fingertips. Coupled with an intuitive dashboard for obligations management, Robin AI's tools are helping in-house legal teams to balance workflow and mitigate risks in their departments.

If you'd like to find out more about Robin AI's contract copilot, get in touch with our team today or visit www.robinai.com/word for more information on our new Add-In for Microsoft Word.

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