Exploring a New Tech Frontier: AI+

Exploring a New Tech Frontier: AI+


AI is often touted as an all-encompassing solution that can transform almost every industry. However, there are limitations that pure AI solutions cannot solve for when it comes to implementation and adoption. Hear from 3 founders as they discuss how AI+ offers the best of both worlds – human judgement applied to AI efficiency.

In this on demand webinar you’ll learn

  • How AI+ stands to change the future of work across legal, finance, and healthcare sectors
  • What differentiates human in the loop technology from end-to-end automation
  • Misconceptions about the accuracy of AI solutions and how to deliver on customer expectations


James Clough, CTO and Founder, Robin AI

Ivan Beckley, CEO and Founder, Suvera

Danielle Lawrence, CEO and Founder, Freyda

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