Introducing Robin Software Solutions

Introducing Robin Software Solutions


Our co-founders, Richard Robinson and James Clough recently introduced Robin AI’s software solutions to the world during our “Future of Legal” webinar series.

The five-part series explores how AI+ enhances the work of legal teams by combining the efficiency of AI-powered software with human in the loop collaboration. During this webinar we present our three software solutions that are transforming how businesses draft, review and store contracts. Instead of building three separate products to navigate independently, we’ve brought all this functionality into one platform to help make contracts simple.

Below you will find a round-up of the key insights from this webinar. We look at the problems facing legal teams today and how these challenges create a compelling case for adopting modern infrastructure for your contracts. We demonstrate how the Robin AI platform is purpose-built to increase contract efficiency by reducing time and cost pressures.

Key Takeaways

Challenges facing the legal industry

The legal industry has remained largely unchanged and averse to innovation for many decades. Until now, the process for making and negotiating contracts has been slow, expensive and complicated.

But don’t take our word for it. After speaking to lawyers from all sorts of backgrounds to understand how they interacted with contracts, we came across a multitude of problems:

  • Legal teams don’t always have a consistent position on different issues and there was no way to record them
  • It’s challenging to keep track and organise different versions of a contract without using a separate tool or sifting through emails
  • There was no way to store contract information – like answers to common questions, or language you might like to use – and quickly and easily repeat tasks lawyers do time and time again
  • Current contract editors only work on contracts drafted from your own templates - so if you get a contract from your lawyers, or a supplier, or anyone else, you're on your own.

It’s clear that we needed to bring the legal sector into the 21st century. That’s why we began creating tools that would solve for these challenges, and help lawyers do their jobs faster, better and more accurately. While our first instinct was to build solutions in Microsoft Word, we quickly realised that wasn’t the right answer.

Microsoft Word wasn’t made for contracts

On the surface, Microsoft Word seems ideal as its bundled with Microsoft Office – a popular package of business software. But once you start looking closely at it, there are countless vulnerabilities making it an ineffective tool for lawyers:

  • Meta-data: For instance, Microsoft Word tells your counterparty when you opened the document, and started editing it
  • Track Changes: Is not collaborative and it’s hard to know who is responsible for which changes
  • Security: There is no default encryption
  • No communication capability: The biggest security threat to your organisation is sending files around by email

Although Microsoft Word is still used by many legal professionals today, it wasn’t created with the legal use cases in mind. That’s why it doesn’t have:

  • Built-in version control
  • Suggested language and can’t auto-detect clauses
  • The capability to save or organise contracts, or the contract process

For these reasons we built the Robin platform – the world’s fastest contract experience, built in the browser to help everyone negotiate their contracts, and find what they’ve signed for.

Introducing the Robin platform

The Robin platform is the first tool that’s truly built for contracts. This is the only tool designed to help you review contracts faster than ever before.

Review is our word class contract editor that allows you to upload a Word document and use our editing features to seamlessly mark it up. With Review, you can:

  • Standardise styling and auto-correct formatting
  • Track changes automatically
  • Minimise red line with precision editing
  • Negotiate consistently with pre-defined fallback positions
  • Eliminate version control confusion with versioning technology
  • Automatically create and update your cross-references

Our world-class Playbook software is built right into the contract editor. All Robin customers get a complimentary playbook consultation, where our team will help you consolidate your standard positions and your fallbacks. These positions will be available at your fingertips so you can find your company's position on any clause in the contract.

You can then use our Contract Manager to manage contracts during negotiation. Every time you download or send the contract to a counterparty, we include a digital fingerprint in the document so that the next time you upload it - different versions are automatically managed so you don't have to.

Once your contract is signed, it can be saved in our contract repository - Query - where every term of the contract is completely searchable. So, no more late nights searching for indemnities, or a change of control - everything is indexed and queryable for when you need it.


Richard Robinson, CEO and Founder, Robin AI

James Clough, CTO and Founder, Robin AI

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